Reis Mahnic
Video Games & Software Development
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Who I Am

I am a video game designer and software developer who lives in Portland, Oregon, where I’m active in the indie game community. I spend my time trying to do “new stuff’ with narrative in my own games, and playing every game I can get my hands on to learn from them. I enjoy all aspects of the creative and production process; writing, bringing together creative and technical team members, and programming. I’m also an experienced freelance video editor. I graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a B.A. in Film.

I am currently studying computer science in Portland while working on my games. I am also the owner of Side Group, my video game development and publishing company.

Video Game Projects

These are the video game projects I have worked on.

Waiting For The Loop




Hot Cuppa Joe


Seconds Time's the Charm


An Anxious Awakening


Natural Studies


Throw Me in the River


Interstellar Borders


Robot With a Flashlight


Park Hours


Software Development Projects

These are the software development projects I have worked on.

Python Phonebook Program

Python File Movement Program

Space Station Website

Palindrome Program

Monster Battle Program

Days Between Dates Program


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